sale day:

Saturday, May 18, 2024


claresholm agriplex

Terms & Conditions

All Potential Consigners and Buyers:
Please be sure to read the below terms and conditions.

    1. The final decision of selected horses to be consigned will be solely up to sale management. Sale Management reserves the right to deny any horse consignment.
    2. All horses consigned are subject to 10% commission, $150 catalog fee, and a $350 refundable fee. The $350 fee will be refunded on your cheque after selling the horse through the sale. However, this fee will not be refunded if the following circumstances occur;
          1. if the horse is pulled from the sale without a letter from a licensed vet,
          2. if the horse is sold before going through the sale ring,
          3. if the horse is passed out at the sale, or
          4. if your reserve is changed after May 1st, from what was initially declared.
    3. Consigners may put a reserve on the sale horse. Once a reserve has been established between yourself and a sales team member, you will not be allowed to change the reserve after May 1st.
    4. Upon commitment to consigning a horse to the sale, the $150 catalog fee and $350 refundable fee will be required.
    5. All sale horses are required to be showcased in the preview prior to the sale.
    6. All horses must be led through the sale ring, accompanied with a new halter to be sold with the horse.
    7. The CASH$ sale will be a public live event, as well as a live broadcasted sale. The sale will run online through DLMS, and online bidders can register through DLMS. Anyone wanting to register for phone bidding contact Allan Lively at 403-627-7776. In order to register to phone bid, an individual must provide confirmation of available funds.
    8. All people attending the sale must come at their own risk.
    9. Method of payments accepted will be cash, cheque, E-Transfer, or Visa/MasterCard. If paying with a card, buyers will be subject to a 4% convenience fee.
    10. GST at the rate of 5% will be added to all purchases.
    11. Horses will be sold in Canadian funds, and the US exchange rate will be provided the day of the sale for US buyers.
    12. All horses must be paid for in full before the horse is allowed to leave the grounds. Registration papers and transfers will be mailed out once the funds have been cleared the following week.
    13. Sale management does not assume any responsibility or liability for horses, they only act as agents for the buyer and seller.
    14. Once the horse is pronounced sold by the auctioneer, the buyer assumes all further risks and responsibilities. This includes transportation arrangements for the horse.
    15. Horses consigned will be sold in catalogue order on sale day, according to the hip number assigned.
    16. All horses consigned are expected to come from programs of integrity. All information provided by the consigner must be truthful with full disclosure of any defects or bad habits.
    17. All horses consigned are deemed sound up until the horse goes through the sale ring, meaning sound of mind, physically sound with no confirmation defects, and no cribbers.
    18. All consigners must provide current pictures of sale horses. Pictures are subject to rejection under the conditions that pictures are low quality in any aspect (how the horse is portrayed, or blurry pictures etc.)
    19. The sale manager reserves the right to pull any horse, for any reason, from the sale right up until an hour before the sale starts.
    20. Any vet checks are between the buyer and seller, and information disclosed during the vet check is confidential between only the potential buyer and seller. Vet checks are not a requirement.
    21. Potential buyers are expected to have assessed and examined the horse before purchasing.
    22. If a horse is sold after it has gone through the ring as a result of advertising/work done by the CASH$ management team, it will be expected that seller will honor the 10% commission to CASH$ Management.
    23. There will be a brand inspector on site
    24. It is up to the auctioneer to settle any disputes in the ring, and the final decision will be made by the auctioneer.
    25. Consigners must have catalog information finalized by April 15th.
    26. Sales Management must have horse’s registration papers and a signed transfer prior to the sale starting on May 18th.
    27. Any horse taken out of the sale after April 15th due to failure to abide by the terms of this contract, will still be responsible for the catalog fee. This is nonrefundable if a horse is taken out of the sale due to unsoundness, even with a written vet letter, consigner is still responsible for the $150 catalog fee.
    28. Upon this agreement, consigner’s have a commitment to the CASH$ sale to sell their horse through the sale on May 18th. Any private sale of horses will not be permitted once horses have a confirmed consignment to the sale. There will be no alley trading allowed.
    29. Any announcements or amendments made from the auction block during the day of the sale will take priority over the written content of these terms and conditions.



important dates for consigners


Upon commitment to consigning a horse to the sale, the $150 catalog fee and $350 refundable fee will be required.


Catalog information must be finalized.

Cut Above Superior Horse Sale


SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2024


All sale horses will be led through the sale ring.